Still In Time for Christmas

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christmasPackages I found another wonderful, quick, and easy Christmas quilt on the Moda Bake Shop blog.

The beauty of this quilt is that it can made be from pre-cut 10" charm squares (Moda calls them Layer Cake Squares). That makes this quilt super fast to cut and piece.

The instructions are available HERE from the Moda Bake Shop blog, or you can view and download a PDF version HERE.

Ready to Assemble the Rows

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I finished the 4th braid today, and added 4 more strips to each braid to make them a bit longer.

Next I'll trim the edges so I can sew the 4 columns together. Since I've never made this kind of quilt before, I'm not sure of the easiest way to trim them... (And I ALWAYS want to do things the easiest way.)

I don't have many 7.5" strips left so I hope there's enough for the border of square patches I have planned...

(The Electric Quilt 6 project file for this quilt and a link to instructions for assembling the Braid block are posted on my web site:

Goal Accomplished--Rare for This Procrastination Queen!

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Yay! I finished the 3rd column for my Pastel Braid baby quilt tonight. Now that I have my sewing area organized and the strips sorted, it takes less than 1/2 an hour to sew a column. I'll make the 4th column tomorrow and I think I may add a few strips to each of the 4 columns to make them a bit longer.

This is a scrappy pioneer braid that I'm doing really as a test. The braid quilt I saw and loved so much 10 years ago had the colors flowing into one another like variegated thread. I hope to start that one next.

Finding my Rhythm & Changing my Mind

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sewingAreaI spent my sewing time yesterday mostly sorting and cutting strips for my Pastel Braid quilt. Today I really wanted to get some more actual sewing done.

It took a little rearranging of my sewing area, but I finally got things situated so that I could proceed smoothly. It seems to work best for me by choosing a strip from the colored-sorted sets on my left, then sewing it in place, and finally ironing the seam at the ironing table on my right.

2braidsI just finished the second column, and I hope to get another column done before bedtime.

This is just going to be a baby quilt for testing purposes. I eventually will make a twin size one for me to use in my reading chair. (I keep the thermostat high to save $$ so it’s cooollldd in here.) 

I cut lots of 2.5”x7.5" strips yesterday, but now I'm wondering if 2.5”x10" might be better since the columns will be wider. That will probably work best for the twin-size I intend to make. Tomorrow I’ll make a test block of 10" and see how it looks.

PastelBraidBlockBorder I decided to use many of the scraps left over from the strip slicing for the quilt border. I'll frame squares or rectangles with 1/2" white sashing. I think it'll be spectacular!

I posted my Electric Quilt 6 project file for this quilt and a link to instructions for assembling the Braid block on my web site:

Sorting and cutting 2.5" pastel strips for my Pastel Braids quilt

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I like how my Braid test block came out yesterday so today I've been sorting my 2.5" pastel strips and cutting them into 7.5" lengths to get ready for a weekend of sewing.

I posted my Electric Quilt 6 project for this quilt and a link to instructions for assembling the Braid block on my web site:

Finally Working on My Pastel Braids

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DSC00087Almost 10 years ago I saw in a magazine a “braid” quilt made out of pastel strips. I’ve been collecting pastel 2.5” strips ever since. Today I finally began the quilt…

You can see the instructions for making this type of quilt at It is a fast and easy quilt to make. I'm just zipping along. The most time consuming part is cutting my 2.5" strips down to 7.5" in length.
Here’s the one I drafted in EQ6.

You can download my EQ6 project file for Pastel Braids HERE.

(Many thanks to Patti Anderson at for her tutorial on drafting this in Electric Quilt 5. It was a big help.)

Mystery Quilts for Thanksgiving Weekend

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My son left today to spend the entire 4-day holiday weekend with his adopted grandmother. This will be only the 2nd time in my life I’ve been alone for Thanksgiving weekend. The first time, more than 15 years ago, didn’t go so well, so this time I hope to keep myself busy.

I thought perhaps I’d sew a short mystery quilt. I would want one that I can easily finish in the 4 days of this weekend. Also, I don't want something that needs too many different fabrics because I'll be using only fabric from my stash.

I was amazed how hard it was to find mysteries online. Most of the links were just broken, and many led to malicious/spyware web sites. I found only a few online to choose from...

But then I found I couldn't stand to commit my time, and especially my fabric without knowing what the quilt would look like. Kinda defeats the purpose of a mystery quilt! I guess I need to trust the person who made the mystery, or at least the person who is hosting the mystery quilt before I can do it. That explains why I've only done one mystery quilt in all these years.

scrappySplitRail So, I've decided to instead work on one of my WIPs (works in progress). Except I got a little side-tracked by this cute quilt by Cindy Carter. (Click the photo to view the PDF instructions for this Scrappy Split Rail quilt.)

To make with 12" blocks this takes 3.5" squares, which I just happen to have a nice bag of from when I was chopping up all my scraps for my (not-yet-started so it’s not really a WIP) Scrappy Lattice quilt. (I have a list of WIPs in the column to the right.)

Except that I really should not start something new until I finish one of my WIPs. But which one???

Free Quilt Patterns Added to

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I have added 18 free quilt patterns to my new Free Patterns page on

These and many more!

fairydance clarissa


Free Patterns to Sew Some Great Gifts

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Wonderful gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or whenever!


Chloe Backpack by Heidi Pridemore for P & B Textiles

Click here to download the backpack instructions in PDF format


Gift Card Sleeves by Mari Martin for Connecting Threads

Click here to download the gift card sleeve instructions in PDF format


Jewelry Envelope from Connecting Threads

Click here to download the jewelry envelope instructions in PDF format


Quilted Patchwork Bag from The Heart of Mary blog

Click here to download the patchwork bag instructions in PDF format

Click here to download the bag pattern template in PDF format


Child's Apron, Chef Hat, and Oven Mitts by Melissa Stramel of Lilac Lane

Click here to download the apron, hat & oven mitt instructions in PDF format


Cup Wraps by Sherry Titzer for

Click here to download the cup wrap instructions in PDF format

These instructions are for making the cup wraps entirely on an embroidery machine.

Instructions for the Popping Pooches Quilt

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In response to many requests, I’ve made my first ever instructions for making one of my quilts.

The EQ6 project file for the Popping Pooches quilt has been available for download on the Electric Quilt Library page of, but now I've added a link to the instructions for this quilt in PDF format.

Hope they are helpful!

Angel O’Tulle Returns

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I posted this darling angel ornament a few years ago but Angel O’Tulle is so cute she deserves an encore.

Click here to see the PDF instructions.

Click here for the PDF instructions

This was designed by Karen Booy, not me.

Christmas Countdown: 4 Fast & Easy Quilts

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Click on the images to download the PDF instructions.

bloxbox GulfCoastHeritage


Click on the images to download the PDF instructions.

Embellished Bird in a Cage Quilt

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I found this online somewhere years ago. It’s so pretty!

birdcage quilts

Stash, Scraps, and More

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sewingCloset I made great quilty progress yesterday. I unpacked the remaining 2 boxes from my old sewing room, and fit everything into the linen closet, which is now my sewing closet. (Note to self: get more large plastic tubs.)
I also sorted and boxed my stash, taking out pieces that are less than 1/2 a yard to cut up and add to my scrap bin. I hope (in my dreams?) to make some (small) scrap quilts for Christmas gifts. 

I found my works in progress (WIP), and got out a couple of them actually work on. <gasp!>

Super Quick and Easy Strippie Quilt

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Mary Johnson's Quick Strippie Quilt

This super fast and easy quilt would be perfect for charity quilts, or last minute birthday or baby quilts. It looks so good you could make one for any occasion!

From Visit Mary’s web site for many more free patterns.

Great Gifts for Quilters -- Under $5

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Inexpensive Christmas gifts for quilters that would also be good for door prizes for quilt guild meetings


Floral scissors $3.99 (normal price)


Rotary Cutter Light $3.98 (sale price)


Fiskars 6.5” Square Ruler $3.00 (sale price)


Beeswax & Holder $2.49 (regular price)


Plastic License Plate $4.95 (regular price)

Gift Ideas With Downloadable Patterns

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This multi-functional tote by Sew Spoiled switches from a shoulder bag to a backpack at a moments notice.

The epattern is 12 pages long, with over 60 pictures, 3 strap sizes and 3 full size templates. Learn a new way to make elastic pockets.

The finished size: 14"Tall, 12" Wide and 4" Deep.

With a simple bib-style bodice and a skirt pieced from vertical strips, the design possibilities are endless.

The epattern includes detailed sizing information so you will get a great fit and just the length you’re after.