Slicing and Dicing Scraps

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scrapBlock Good morning! I'm slicing and dicing fabric today. I'm taking my big tub full of unloved fabric (1/2 yard or less pieces) from my stash clean-out and slicing them into 2.5" and 1.5" strips, plus 6" squares, Then the rest of each piece I slice off the largest size strip I can get from it. I'm surrounded by baggies with sizes marked on them, but am finding that it is too slow to have to stop and put the pieces in the appropriate baggies. I need to get some lunch bags set up that I can just toss the pieces in as I cut them.

slicingDicing I will be using the 1.5" strips and 6" squares to make diagonal bar blocks for a scrappy quilt. For the block you cut the 6" square diagonally, then sew a contrasting 1.5" strip between the 2 resulting triangles. I got the idea from the Trading Patches quilt in McCalls Quilting August 2007. For the last 2 years this tub of fabric has sat waiting to be sliced. Well, this week-end I hope to make a good dent in it. :)

Download my Electric Quilt 6 project for this design:

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That's a cute little block and I have kind of a silly question. With the little strip down the middle, do you press this block after you decide on its placement in order to get adjoining blocks pressed in opposite directions so they snug into place? Thanks, Laura

That's a good question.

The instructions in the magazine don't say. Since I'm making this totally scrappy and not choosing where to place each block, I'll just iron half of the blocks with the seams in and half with the seams out. Then when I assemble them I can just alternate innies and outies.

The pattern says that I need 440 lattice blocks to make a king size quilt. That's an awful lot of blocks! whew.

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