Finding my Rhythm & Changing my Mind

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sewingAreaI spent my sewing time yesterday mostly sorting and cutting strips for my Pastel Braid quilt. Today I really wanted to get some more actual sewing done.

It took a little rearranging of my sewing area, but I finally got things situated so that I could proceed smoothly. It seems to work best for me by choosing a strip from the colored-sorted sets on my left, then sewing it in place, and finally ironing the seam at the ironing table on my right.

2braidsI just finished the second column, and I hope to get another column done before bedtime.

This is just going to be a baby quilt for testing purposes. I eventually will make a twin size one for me to use in my reading chair. (I keep the thermostat high to save $$ so it’s cooollldd in here.) 

I cut lots of 2.5”x7.5" strips yesterday, but now I'm wondering if 2.5”x10" might be better since the columns will be wider. That will probably work best for the twin-size I intend to make. Tomorrow I’ll make a test block of 10" and see how it looks.

PastelBraidBlockBorder I decided to use many of the scraps left over from the strip slicing for the quilt border. I'll frame squares or rectangles with 1/2" white sashing. I think it'll be spectacular!

I posted my Electric Quilt 6 project file for this quilt and a link to instructions for assembling the Braid block on my web site:

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