Machine Quilting Jack-O-Lantern Wall Hanging

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DSC00438My Jack O’ Lantern wall hanging is from several years ago. The pattern is from an old thimbleberries book. I had done machine buttonhole stitching for the appliqué. Yesterday, I did stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, and quilted around the shapes of the jack o’ lanterns and stars all using my walking foot. I’m thinking about adding some stipple quilting to the night sky to make the stars pop, but I’d have to find my free-motion foot…

Sewing a Purple Patch Purse

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Say that 3 times fast!  :)
pursePattern I’m working on a new purse today. I picked out several color themes for it but settled on a pink-purple-green combo.

I’m stumped finding a color/fabric for the top band, which is pink on the pattern cover. I don’t really want a purple purse, so I’m thinking maybe an olive-ish green for the band. Something the color of the green dot fabric would be good. Maybe I should swap out the green dot fabric to use for the top band and put another green in the purse body. I just happen to have a multicolor bead trim that is going to be perfect for this project. patchPurse

I’m excited to be getting a new purse. I normally keep the same purse for years. It is definitely time for a new one. My current purse is pretty, I made it myself and love the fabrics, but it is a tad too small and the handles are too short. I’ve put up with it for more than a year—time for a change.

Ghosties Plaid Easy Quilt

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image Cute!!

Found this free pattern at McCall's Quick Quilts online: Ghoulies & Ghosties Quilt

I just love Quick Quilts magazine. Fast and lovely, that's my style!