I’m Ironing Scraps (!)

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It made sense to me to iron scraps that were really crumpled that were large enough to slice in strips and squares, but I couldn't seem to stop myself from ironing even the little scraps that I was then tossing in the new I'm-going-to-give-away scrap bag. (Iron, then toss in bag to get all wrinkled again. How distorted is that?)

scrapBlock I cut the scraps in squares in 1/2 inch intervals from 1.5" up to 12.5", the 6" squares being for the scrap quilt that made me start all this in the first place. If it was a long scrap then I cut strips from 1" on up to 6.5". The 1.5” strips go with the 6” squares to make a X block quilt that I’ve mentioned in earlier posts.

I think I went nuts at the end there with all the memories of the shopping trips, quilts, swaps, and gifts these fabrics were used for going through my mind-- I just kept ironing and cutting and stacking squares/strips, tossing not-too-small odd shapes into the give-away scrap basket (for the appliquérs in my quilt group). The 1" strips I will use, but what in the world am I going to do with all these 1.5" squares?

Sorry for the lack of photos lately, my camera doesn’t want to turn on, even with new batteries…

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