Buckling Down on 9-Patch Blocks

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sewing9patches I'm working on more 9-patches today for a swap with the Faith Quilters Group. We began swapping sets of 20 blocks a month last July. I mostly kept up until November when my son was injured and in the hospital. The ladies kindly did my December and January blocks for me, but I haven't sewed at all since. (It hasn't helped that I haven't had even a penny to buy fabric, either.)

The year-long swap ended in July, so I really need to get these done! Last week I finally was at last able to buy the rose red fabric to go with the brown I already had for February's Roses and Chocolates theme. (I can't believe I didn't have a bit of red in my stash!) I also bought the yellow I needed to go with the leaf green I already had for March's Daffodils theme. I already had the Lavender and Celery for April in my stash, so that was enough fabric to get me rolling.

Buying, washing, ironing, and slicing fabric is really helping to get me out of my sewing funk. I've been making 9-patches all weekend. I'm anxious to get them out of the way so I can get back to some of the old projects I had going last year. I don't even remember what I have pending so it'll be like Christmas when I get to dig through the boxes and bags of works-in-progress (WIP's). I can tell I'm really on the road to quilting recovery because I could hardly wait to get to the fabric store yesterday to buy the last of the fabric I needed for the 9-patches: Peach and Turquoise for June, and Americana Red and Blue for July.


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