How to Sew Striped & Plain Checkbook Covers

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These wonderful checkbook covers are super fast and easy to make.

You will need two 7" by 13" rectangles of fabric, one for the lining, and one for the outside. If desired, you can also add a rectangle of interfacing.

For striped checkbook covers, sew enough 13" long strips together to equal 7” in width. This will then be your outside rectangle.

cutRectanglesTo easily cut one 7" by 13" rectangle, line up the fold of the fabric at the 6.5" mark on a 12" square ruler, and line up the left edge of the fabric at 7". Cutting along the ruler’s right side & top edge will then give a 7" by 13" rectangle. (See photo)

Sew the two rectangles, right sides together, leaving a 4" opening on one long edge for turning.

Snip the corners, turn, and iron smooth. While ironing, take care to fold in the edges of the opening so that when you top stitch later the opening will get sewn closed.

CkBkCvrPiecedInside Fold in 2.75" inches on both short ends to form pockets to hold the checks and check register. Pin in place.

Top stitch a scant 1/4" from the edges all the way around the outside being careful as you approach the pocket edges because there will be 4 layers of fabric there.

Insert your checks and check register and enjoy.

2checkbookcovers  CkBkCvrOpen


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