Vintage Pillowcase May have been a Feed Sack?

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oldpillowcase I decided to make an apron from an old pillowcase I found. When I turned it inside-out to remove the side seam I found some interesting things. First, the seam was stitched with a chain stitch the same as you find on modern-day feed sacks such as 50lb sacks of dog food. Second, the inside seam was never finished so it is pretty ragged looking. Real pillowcases have the inside seam finished in some way, hemming, serging, etc.

I think this may have been a real feed sack turned into a pillowcase. Do we have any feed sack experts out there who can tell me if I'm right?

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I have an actual feed sack that was given to me and today I looked inside and sure enough it has the identical chain stitching on the seam with even the same thick, shiny thread. This wasn't a pretty, pink pillow case, it was a pretty, pink feed sack!

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