Chaos! Swapping Bedroom and Sewing Room

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What a mess! And we haven’t moved the fabric or closet contents yet. How did I get this much stuff in that tiny sewing room?

I love the new room (left photo) though! It has a large window and is at the front of the house so it is so much brighter. Plus it is much larger. The furnace/air conditioner & water heater are in the closet of this room so the noises those make at night have always scared Jesse. He is 10 1/2 years old, and always wants to sleep in my bed. (Good thing it is king sized!) He promises that he won’t be scared in the new room (right photo). He said he feels safe with the small window at the side of the house only. (Isn’t it strange what kids think about?) Hopefully I’ll get my bed back to myself now.

But what a mess…

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